Friday, August 13, 2010


To me, as a production design/art dep/costume enthusiast...there is nothing more exciting in the pre-production process then seeing meters of material and various textile bits and bobs come to life!

I am very fortunate to have many talented friends who have been so kind in helping me out with my growing vision.

The costumes for "Courtship Date" were from the start going to be quite elaborate in that I wanted to create half bird, half human body suits for the two main protagonists. The god of re-incarnation to be half peacock.
The woman to be re-incarnating into a crane.

This vision continued to grow as the designing process went on...
The bill for feathers did too!

Designs by: Keiryn -lee Markides and Sage Butler
Costume maker: Keiryn -lee Markides.
Helpers: Camilla Rodgers, Kaitlyn Bott

Peacock train. Keiryn, you're Amazing!