Sunday, July 25, 2010

Growing up

Growing up I guess you could say I had an over-active imagination. Daydreaming of far off lands most of the time, always making up new games to play with my sisters on those Sunday afternoons at the family home and stealing mums wooden spoons, using them as a microphone and putting on performances to the family in costume! I also seemed to spend a lot of my childhood crawling around like a lion and making dens out of the gap between the couches and the wall. Heart warming memories.
I find myself fortunate to have grown up on such shows as “Round The Twist” and anything ACTF (Australian Childrens Television Foundation) for that matter as they have such quality in their philosophies on the delivery of specific content to children, with such imagination might I add. Quality viewing that I think is lacking in children’s programs these days.

Now I am a woman, I have realized even since the last year, just how much I have grown up and matured emotionally through life lessons learned – in turn making me a better writer and filmmaker.
And no matter what, as the years go by, I still and always will carry that peter pan spirit inside of me- always a kid at heart. –Furthermore, one of my aspirations is to direct children series, my life to come full circle.

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