Saturday, July 31, 2010

My "Limbo World" environment

I will be converting the AV tech studio at RMIT University into a 'Limbo World' of the Woman's imagination. As no one person is the same, my theory is, neither is ones "life after death journey" and their Limbo World for that matter, if they are suspended there at all.
I will be breaking my scene into two. The first part (set dress) I have called the "white room." Washed out by fluorescent lighting, every object in the room to be white...objects dragged in from the Woman's life --also projections on the white walls of her 'life before death.' Home videos of her as a child, playing on a white television, will signify her life 'flashing before her eyes.' A simplistic fantasy world that allows the audience some back story and emotional involvement in the woman's character.
The second --an ambient Forrest space, mixed with the ambient feel of a club scene. Dark with abstract projections of light and colour, paper cranes hanging from above. A space for the 'Courtship Dance' to take place, colour changes with the journey of emotion the two main protagonists experience.

I have been in contact with Paul Ross a UK artist I found on Has given me permission to use his work "Pthalo" in my film in part 2 of the 'Limbo World.' I will also have my own projection visuals featured. Below is a snap shot of the Artists profile on the sight and a thumbnail of his work I am featuring.

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