Sunday, July 25, 2010

Inspiration and personal works

The process of production was a journey of growth. Fresh into the responsibilities that were involved in making a film, I grew with the knowledge gained, grew as I found more inspiration and looked inside myself for that spirit I wanted to convey for my first short.
The first time I watched the film “Ratcatcher” by Lynne Ramsey, I was blown away. Her films have a raw, atmospheric and true quality to them that I really had never experienced before. The film displays uncertainty and surreal nature of childhood and the toll poverty takes on people, in this case the Slums of Glasgow in the 70’s. The colouring and contrast in this film is outstanding. I highly recommend it, especially if you are a fan of UK cinema.

SO now I have introduced myself…on with the show as they say!
Starting off with a montage of some screen shots of some of my work for the past few years…. ranging from documentary to comedy. Also some snaps of my abstract visual projection work that I developed for the Sensory Overload night at the Gertrude Projection festival this July.

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